Bespoke Design and Manufacture

Custom-made furniture pieces made to your specifications.
You imagine in it. We make it.
Below you will find our 7 step process that takes place in making a custom-designed piece for you– including how to get started.

Seven-Step process for Bespoke Design

1. Send us your idea

You can do so by getting in touch with us with the contact form at the bottom of this page!

2. We reply with a written quote

Taking in consideration your specifications we look at giving you a price that makes sense.

3. We make & send you some sketches

There can be several approaches to product design so we’ll be sending over some options.

4. Pay the deposit

Once we have received the deposit on our end we will begin making your unique product.

5. We make your product

We get to work. The wood gets carved, pieces joined, finishing applied. The whole process.

6. We keep you updated on the progress

You may ask yourself if you forgot to lock the front door, but you’ll know exactly where your product is in the creation cycle.

Keep in mind that quality can take some time.

7. Final payment and product is delivered

Upon final payment receival we get your beautiful bespoke piece ready for dispatch to find its rightful place in your home or venue.

Get in touch

Please note that our showroom is open by appointment only. Please use the contact form below to schedule an appointment.