Classic Morris Chair

Classic Morris is available in:


– Fabric UPH

– Leather UPH

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The Morris chair was first adapted by William Morris from a prototype owned by Ephraim Colman in Sussex, England. This style of chair has been around since 1866 at the latest.

The claim to fame for this lounge chair is a reclining slatted backrest.

Our take on the chair was to use a real wooden beam instead of a traditional metal bar to be set in the hooked back racks which controls the angle at which the backrest reclines.

Also, this chair can be used as an indoor or outdoor chair depending on what type of cushion and wood type you choose to use. The images shown use leather cushions which would only be suitable for indoor use. For outdoor use you would use a canvas or an outdoor fabric.

It is easy to move around since it is light in weight.

We also make this chair in a two-seater as well as a three-seater.