Havana Chair

Wooden Havana Chair

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The original inspiration for this chair came from the thought of a tropical place such as Havana, Cuba.

The back-rest was drawn from taking a look at sea shells in terms of shape and fitting into one another.

The whole chair is a flat-pack and its frame at the bottom where the back-rest and seat meet is made of two steel flat bars (6mm thick) that are bent to its specific shape. So, when you sit on the chair you realise it's not 90 degrees upright but has a bit of a 'spring' to it- much like a palm tree in the wind that sways but doesn't break.

This chair doubles up for either a hospitality or office setting.

It is quite custimisable in terms of different upholstery options as well as different paint colours for the steel flat bars and different wood options.

The Havana chair is a versatile chair and ticks a lot of boxes.