Slingshot Chair

Dining chair made from real hardwood. Scandinavian and African design inspiration. Suitable for both commercial and residential use.

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As the name suggests this chair is 'slingshot' inspired.

The backrest is made from leather with extra support added. The leather isn't made to be completely smooth to give off that rugged, lived-in look. Rest-assured this has not taken away from its comfort!

From a sideways glance this chair seems very upright. However, when you sit in it the backrest takes the form of your back- just a like a rock being place in a slingshot and it forming around the rock.

The seat itself is rigid but takes on a curved form so it retains an excellent level of comfort.

There is a mixture of Scandinavian and African design inspiration that can complement various different interior spaces.

Whether you want this chair for your own home or for your hospitality venue, you have made a great choice as it can be used for both ends.