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General Questions

Do you take custom orders?

Yes, we do!

See our Bespoke Design page for more information.

Why can't I see any prices?

All our products are made to order- meaning your product is brand spanking new when you get it.

However, our products may be timeless but the materials are not and are subject to constant changes in the market and availability.

If you would like to get a price on an item you can do so by submitting a ‘Request a Quote‘. Just be sure to add the item to your quote list otherwise your quote cart will appear empty!

Are the products listed only available in that specific wood type?

All our products are available in the four wood types we use:

  • Ash
  • Australian Blackwood
  • Kiaat AKA African Teak
  • White Oak

For more on wood types, see here.


Do you do any coloured finishing?
Depending on the product and wood type we may be able to help you out with a custom colour.

Pop us a message if you want to find out.

What is needed for my product to be made?
Fifty percent deposit on the quoted amount.

Product Care

How do I maintain my product?
Maintenance needs to be done at least once a week to prevent the wood from drying out on both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Use a dust cloth and apply a little bit of furniture oil to the cloth.

Wipe the furniture piece using the cloth. You will notice a very thin layer of oil on the furniture piece.

Make sure that that piece has been cleaned and oiled all over, including underneath, for example, table tops.

If the cloth gets dry, add a little bit of oil and continue.

This process does not take long and will ensure that you will get the maximum benefit of your solid wood furniture pieces.

The oiling also helps to prevent fine scratches especially on table tops. Well maintained furniture looks beautiful and your guests / clients will appreciate this.


How do I maintain outdoor furniture?
We recommend using Burmese Yellow teak Oil or Woodoc Weatherproof Wax. once a week.

The furniture piece needs to be oiled on all sides so that it can absorb and expel moisture equally.

Do not use indoor furniture oil.

How do I maintain indoor furniture?
We recommend using Burmese Yellow teak Oil or Woodoc Furniture Wax.

The furniture piece needs to be oiled on all sides so that it can absorb and expel moisture equally.

Do not use outdoor furniture oil.

Shipping and Delivery

When can I expect delivery?
After payment has been received the delivery will be booked. An agreed upon date and time will be communicated.

The delivery address cannot be amended at this stage and may incur changes in delivery cost if the delivery location differs from the original.

What if I have a concern?
The client is welcome to inspect the goods beforehand. Please notify us so that we can prepare the goods for inspection
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do!
How do you deliver- both nationally and internationally?
 We deliver the furniture with our own trucks and make use of our own delivery team.

If the delivery area is an outlying area we make use of qualified and reliable third party freight handling service providers to ensure that outlying deliveries are done professionally, timeously and without damages.

Each delivery is accompanied by a delivery note that the client or representative must sign after making sure that the goods delivered are free from damages and satisfactory.

Can I send the goods back if the delivered goods are incorrectly supplied or if there is a problem?
Yes, please communicate the concern with the driver. The driver will phone our offices and a decision will be made that is agreed upon between the client and Karongwe Furniture.
What happens if I have signed the delivery note and discover something afterwards?
Please contact our offices and raise the concern. Please take photos of the problem so that we can better understand and make a decision.

Each problem is solved based on merit and circumstance. We will propose a solution to solve the problem.

Guarantee and Breakages

Do you have a quality guarantee?
Yes, all Karongwe furniture pieces come with a 5 year warranty
What is your product guarantee?
Karongwe gives all customers a full 5 year quality guarantee covering materials and workmanship.

Message us requesting the full document on which we base our guarantee and the claim procedure.

What if my product breaks?
In the event of a furniture piece breaking under normal use we require photos to be sent to our office so that we can better understand the breakage.

We will communicate a solution as soon as possible.

Our policy is to either repair or replace the item.

If an item needs to be replaced we will deliver the new item to the delivery address where the goods were delivered as per initial order and collect the broken furniture piece.

The broken furniture piece needs to be returned to Karongwe Furniture. We will collect this at the same time when delivering the replacement piece.

If an item is to be repaired a repair team will be sent to the original address where the goods were delivered as per initial order.

Send us a message for more information on what constitutes breakages.

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